Keyboarding Fun!

Keyboarding Fun!

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Super HyperSpider Typer

Super Hyper Spider Typer

Hungry lizards with words on their backs are after Berry the hairy spider! Save Berry by typing words quickly as they appear on the lizards’ backs.

Learn 2 Type for Kids

Learn 2 Type

On your keyboard, find the letters shown to type the sentences displayed on your screen.

Dance Mat Typing

Dance Mat Typing

Get ready to rock around the keyboard! Meet the gang and learn to type. Each of the 4 levels are divided into 3 stages. Make your way through all 12 stages and you can be a top typist!



It’s a game of soccer, and you’re the goalie. Type the words next to each ball to keep the balls from reaching the goal. Don’t allow too many balls through, or you’re out of the game.

Spacebar Invaders

Do you remember Space Invaders? Strange creatures are wiggling their way down from space. Stop them by typing. The more you type the faster they get. Bonus points for UFOs!

The Frogs Are Off Their Diet


The Frogs are Off Their Diet! Frogs are eating all the letters. Help them stay on their diet by typing the letters before they get swallowed!

Save the Sailboat Race

Save the Sailboat Race! Falling Letters are ruining the sailboat race. Help by typing the letters before they land on the boats!

Keyboard Triathlon

Keyboard Triathlon. In ancient keyboarding times, people all over the world celebrated typing. They held a competition to see who was the world’s best typist! 3 Timed events test your knowledge of the keyboard. Try the advanced mode if you dare. Are you up to the challenge?

Outer Space Fleet Commander

Your mission is to guide the alien fleet through the galaxy, typing letters before they stop you. Use your laser guide on multipliers!

Key Block


The object of this typing game is to block the ball from leaving the playing field by pressing the appropriate key. In order to stop the ball, you need to press (and hold) the right key until the ball has made contact with the block.

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